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✨ BioViz Studio is now launched! Check it out!
Scientists have a greater need than ever before to communicate results of their work visually. This communication needs to be compelling as well as accurate. Dark Star Systems’ vision is to enable scientists to turn their data into beautiful, clear and compelling video stories.
Communication in Science
Most current scientific visualization systems produce imagery that’s adequate to help other scientists understand results and explore large data sets. But scientists today need to communicate much more broadly; science and truth today are under attack. Strong, clear, compelling communication is one important piece of the solution to that puzzle. Dark Star Systems wants to help researchers produce stories worthy of a spot on national TV, without specialized tools, hardware, or hiring experts in video post-production.
Dark Star Systems is working on a scientific storytelling web app called Horizon. It’s currently under development; learn more or contact us.
We have an early demo video you can watch.
BioViz Studio
We've also released a simplified product called BioViz Studio® that help biologists and chemists create beautiful, professionally-designed molecular structure videos very simply, with only a few minutes of work. Check out some demo videos and more info.