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BioViz Studio

BioViz Studio is a response to scientists’ need to be able to promote their work and ideas and to stand out from the crowd. It gives you a simple, inexpensive way to create a beautiful molecular structure/behavior video, all on the web, with nothing to download.

Latest news:

✨ BioViz Studio is now launched! Check it out!

The new website has all the details, but here are some early sample videos we created with a prerelease version. Check them out full-screen with the sound on!

Demo Reel
Demo of several short BioViz Studio videos
Rhinovirus closeup
Human rhinovirus on a white background, inspired by product photography style.
Arabinofuranosidase (Araf51) Zoom
Cartoon style in a semi-realistic cell fluid environment with organelles, and a nice smooth camera move. Automatic camera depth of field keeps the focus on the molecule.
Arabinofuranosidase (Araf51) Dramatic Spin
Dramatic side lighting to highlight structure, with subtle texturing on the ribbons to add interest and catch the light. The floor with shadows helps give a sense of space and physicality.
Rhinovirus as Textured Glass
Internal light illuminates the structure of human rhinovirus rendered as textured glass for dramatic effect. This video, with its pedestal and star-field background, is more for eye-catching effect than to communicate details of the structure.
HIV Capsid Spin
Simple spin animation of surface rendering of the HIV capsid with an organic warm color scheme and HDR lighting. Realistic motion blur contributes to the smooth feeling of the animation, even though it's fast.